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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Overnight Camping @ Steven's Pass

On April 30th, nine brave Fosterites set off for Steven's Pass to brave knee deep snow and minimal internet access to learn crevasse rescue and snow camping skills. The day started with a knot tying course, where the age old riddle of "how many MBA students does it take to tie a knot" was put to the test. We soon found out that the answer to that question is nine.

After learning how to tie essential climbing knots such as the overhand, double fisherman (insert joke here), butterfly, among others, we jumped right into crevasse rescue. Jesse Bommarito quickly volunteered to jump off the side of a short cliff to put the whole gang to work on safely pulling all 110 lbs of him to safety. Relying on Jan and Jackie Logan's strength and determination, Jesse was fetched from the white abyss in 30 minutes time.

Finally, we snowshoed/skinned up Yodelin ridge for 45 minutes and set up camp. Scott and Jan teamed up to build a honeymoon snow cave while Jesse built a solo cave with a no girls sign attached to the front. These impressive feats of engineering took over 3 hours to build, and their labor was rewarded with snowball margaritas and quesadillas. The overnighter was a great success and gave the team its first taste of what it will be like on Rainier come July 4th.

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