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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Year, Another Ascent

Info, Teaching, Training, and Summits. It's all begun again.

Last year 11 Foster students stood on the summit Mt Rainier on July 4th. It was a phenomenal experience for all of us. A few of us will repeat that experience this year, with many new comers. Most of us had no mountaineering experience a year ago. This year, some of us will repeat the trip, assisting in the role of teacher and experienced veteran. It's funny to think about it. Last year on Rainier, I was lowered into a crevasse during a training exercise (It was safe Mom, don't worry). I wonder who I'll get to lower in this year...

Scott Heinz will be the primary leader on the trip again this year. I am acting as his lowly logistical assistant. Jack Hogan and Haid Garrett are members of the Class of 2013 with experience and enthusiasm for the climb. They will be integral in many aspects of the planning, preparation, and execution of the endeavor. We are glad to have them aboard. For this to be a sustainable and repeatable opportunity for Foster students, we will need continued involvement from incoming students. Exciting stuff is happening here at Foster.

We've already held information sessions and had a great level of interest. Training has started for many. The rest of you, well, I highly advise you get on top of that. The teaching has started as well. A day of snow travel and self arrest was held recently with great success. This weekend a group will summit Mount St Helens. For many this will be a first big summit, and the first opportunity to spend an overnight in the snow (it's fun, I swear). Sadly, I've been sidelined by injury up to this point, but I'll be out there soon as well.

It's clear we've got another great group. I hope we all bond together through the training and trips like we did last year. Since last July, when I look past downtown Seattle and see the mountain, I think "Wow! I was on top of that!" I'm looking forward to being on top of the mountain again this August, and all the friendship and experiences I'll get along the way.


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