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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Final Countdown

The excitement around here is buzzing.   We are doing our final preparation and fundraising push.  We greatly appreciate all the support from everyone who donated so far.   The Emmons route is our objective. The weather forecast for the weekend looks spectacular and we are all set for the climb.  Below is some more information on the climb:

Mt. Rainier, Current Climbing Conditions:
Alpine Weather forecast:


The route ascend the trail from White River campground at 4400' through glacier basin and to the interglacier.  From here we ascend left up and over camp Curtis, onto the Emmons Glacier for the first time and around Steambow Prow to Camp Sherman at 9600'.  Sunday will be our rest day when we do our final crevasse rescue practice and acclimate.  At midnight on Sunday we wind around crevasses between the Emmons and Winthrop glacier for a total of 5000' of gain before reaching the crater rim.  From here we traverse the crater rim and hope to hold the Foster banner up proudly from the Summit of Mt. Rainier!!.

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